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We want to be your local pizza shop, a warm friendly and a familiar place for you to gather.

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Authentic artisanal pizza inspired by the ingredients of Naples, Italy. nforno provides an experience with a personal touch. Our years of experience and specialized ingredients have allowed us to create the perfect pizza within 90 seconds. Our speciality dough when blistered to perfection with our fresh ingredient will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. nforno offers an experience unmatched and personalizes pizza like no other.

Our Values

To offer our customers an unmatched experience while ensuring we provide fresh and healthy ingredients sourced with quality and authenticity in mind, all while honouring the traditions of pizza making at its roots.

Personalized (Taste what your culinary imagination can create)

We empower your individual expression by allowing you to custom create your pizza. We provide you with our freshest high quality ingredients and you provide your personal inspiration.


The heart of our ovens.  The love and care we have put into creating our pizzas are only perfected by the love our ovens add to our pizzas. It's the perfect couple.




But if you must know the full details, then here they are. Your experience at nforno starts with our trained pizzaiolo’s handling our unique 00 flour dough which is made from scratch and naturally fermented in advance. Our 00 pizza dough isn’t complete without our fresh daily made tomato sauce, and if that isn’t your thing we also provide basil pesto along with other sauces as well.

Pizza is never complete without cheese, our large selection of naturally sourced cheeses adds to the quality of our pizzas. We also love vegans, so we offer a locally sourced vegan mozzarella.

Some love their pizzas plain but something about our fresh meats and garden veggies will make you want to add to your pizza. You can choose between 1 and up to 4 of our delicious toppings for you to create your personalized pizza and while your at it you can finish off your pizza by adding our house made nfusion drizzles made with extra virgin olive oil.

Finally your pizza will meet our oven , and for 90 seconds or less all of it comes together to create your perfect personalized pizza. We took the classic pizza recipe straight from Italy and gave it our nforno touch.