Taste what your culinary imagination can create

Who knows what you like better than yourself? That’s why we empower your individual expression by allowing you to custom create your pizza. We provide the freshest, highest quality ingredients and you provide the inspiration.

Your experience at nforno starts as you watch our trained pizza maker stretch your 00 flour dough ball to create the base of your pizza.You then choose your sauce, from our crushed tomato sauce which is made from scratch in house, to a basil pesto sauce, among others.

Next, choose from a selection of cheeses which are all natural and sourced with quality in mind. Next select your protein (meats), from our soppresata to our spicy sausage, and finally select from our garden fresh veggies.

Your pizza will be ready for you before you leave the counter. While you pay and grab a drink or desert, your custom crafted pizza enters our revolving imported domed pizza oven which cooks your pizza in 90 seconds or less. At nforno, we have married the old world pizza traditions with our experience in fast casual dining.The result is a chef (that being yourself) inspired authentic Naples style personal pizza made with the highest sourced ingredients we can find at an affordable price, and remember...

...No Reservations needed, and we mean ever!

Honouring The Integrity of Our Ingredients

Our menu was created with respect to authentic traditional ingredients that belong on pizza. Our homemade dough is made daily and is fermented for the perfect amount of time depending on the humidity and temperature. Air pockets are purposely created within our dough that will bubble and blister when cooked in the oven. The fermentation creates a unique aroma and a silky soft texture as well as a dough that is much more digestible and light. It is thin and is made with 00 flour imported from Italy. Once pressed into shape your customized pizza is baked in an authentic domed shape oven at very high heat for 90 seconds or less. Once out of the oven, the crust is characteristically soft and chewy, with a little bit of char from the intense heat.

Our tomato sauce is hand made on site. It is made with crushed San Marzano tomatoes. We honour the heritage and traditions of pizza making, where the integrity of ingredients is paramount.